Wakehurst Rugby Club  

The 'Go Forward' Junior Rugby Club on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Wakehurst Minis (U6 to U9)

The Wakehurst Minis teams compete in the Warringah/Manly Districts Minis Competition between April and August. The games are held on Saturday mornings between 8am and 1pm.

At Minis level there are no match results recorded or competition ladders published and hence there is no finals series at the end of the season. It is all about maximising participation and enjoyment.

Age Groups

In 2017 the Wakehurst Minis teams are broken down into the following age groups:

  • Under 6s - Born in 2011 or later
  • Under 7s - Born in 2010
  • Under 8s - Born in 2009
  • Under 9s - Born in 2008

** Note: Dispensation can be requested to play in a lower age group, depending mainly on height and weight.

Competition Details (2017)

The full draw for the 2017 Minis competitions are still being finalised.


Training for all Wakehurst Minis teams are held every Wednesday evening from 5:30pm onwards (age group dependant) at the Wakehurst Rugby Park. Exact times will be shared with you by your respective Team Manager or Coach.

Training typically commences on Wednesdays in early/mid March. 

Parents are able to either enjoy a refreshment in the clubhouse while the kids train or are more than welcome to assist the coaches with the training drills.

Minis Rules/Laws

The Warringah/Manly Districts play under the ARU's Kids Pathway Laws which have been developed with a focus on safety and increased activity levels.

The following table summarises the age specific rule variations:

Age Group
 Field Size
 1/4 field
 1/4 Field
 1/2 Field
 1/2 Field
 Game Duration
 2 x 10 min halves (+ games)
 2 x 15 min halves
 2 x 20 min halves
 2 x 25 min halves
 Ball Size
 Size 2
 Size 2
 Size 3
 Size 3
 On the field
    On the field
    On the field
    Off the field in second-half
 Touch/Tag only
    Touch/Tag only
 Tap Restart
 2-player uncontested (No Jumping)
      2-player uncontested (No Jumping)
 4-player uncontested (No Jumping)
 Tap Restart
  3-player uncontested
(No pushing)
  3-player uncontested (No pushing)
  5-play uncontested (No pushing)