Wakehurst Rugby Club  

The 'Go Forward' Junior Rugby Club on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Registration for 2017 Season

Online Registrations for the 2017 season are OPEN !!!!!!!!!

Details of the online registration process and links to detailed instruction documents are available at the bottom of this page. We recommend that you read all the details on this page before you commence registering.

2017 Fees

Our fees for the 2017 season are set as follows:

  • U6s and U7s will be $90
  • U8s & U9s will be $140
  • Juniors $180 *

*Note: Under this new registration system we are unfortunately unable to offer a flat family membership rate this year.  Instead, for families with 2 children in the Juniors age group, a $40 discount will be given for the second child.

**Note: Under this new registration system we are also moving from insurance fees being paid per team to fees being paid per player and the ARU registration site forces us to collect SJRU & Insurance fees from every registering player (between $12 and $50 dollars depending on age). Wakehurst Rugby Club will not receive any money for third and subsequent children in the same family. These cost breakdowns will be clearly shown to you on the registration site. 

Registrations will close on Sunday 26th February 2017
Teams will be determined based on lodged registrations as at Sunday 26th February 2017 (inclusive) so that competition draws can be produced. It may still possible to join one of our teams after this date depending on player numbers.


The Sydney Junior Rugby Union (SJRU) have choose to use the ARU's RugbyLink Competition Management and Registration system in 2017. This means that the registration process you used last year will NOT work again this year. If you only started playing rugby in 2016 you will most likely need to create new participant login records, as information from myRugby was not transferred. Some player details from the older systems used prior to 2016 have been migrated to RugbyLink.

NOTE if you ar e registering more than one child: In this new RugbyLink system each child will be need to be registered and paid for in a separate financial transaction.  It is imperative that the oldest child is registered first for the discounts to be calculated correctly by RugbyLink.  If your children are already in the RugbyLInk system but are not currently joined as siblings then the $40 second child discount will not be given. If this is the case you find yourself in, please contact our registrar BEFORE completing the registration process for the second player.

  1. Click on this link to open the 2017 Wakehurst Registration Form.
  2. Click on the “Get Started” button at the bottom of the RugbyLink registration page
  3. If you know your login and password then use these to log in to the website and go to Step 5, otherwise: 
    1. click the “Forgotten Login Details” link to try to locate your email address in the system. If found, click "Go" to have your password reset and then return to the login page and enter your details.
    2. If you are not located in the system, click "Continue" to create new Login Details
  4. Use the “Participant Search” to locate your player. 
    1. If you or your player do not exist in the system, then click “Continue” and go to step 6.
    2. If you see the “Forgot Password” link on your player, click this to reset your password.  An email will be sent to you with a link to change your password. Once your password has been reset, return to the initial registration link and enter your details. 
    3. If you see the "Create Login" link on your player, click this to create a login, follow the instructions and return to the initial registration link and enter your details.
  5. Select who is completing the form and who is being registered. It will highlight the selected person in black. Click "Continue"
  6. Select the age group that your player is in and click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen (do NOT click "Open"). Please register your oldest player first.
  7. Complete the form – please note that some fields are mandatory (including height and weight)
  8. Review your order – please note that the ARU adds a processing fee to each transaction
  9. Complete your payment (Visa or MasterCard)
  10. If you have another player to register, click “Purchase product for another participant” and repeat the above steps.

Detailed Instructions
More detailed instructions can be found in the following two files: